Groove App

Groove is a conceptual mobile app that assists festival-goers with planning their next big summer adventure. Let's be real, music festivals are expensive, and with thousands of them happening across the globe every year it’s almost impossible to know which one is the right match for you.

How it Works

Groove instantly matches users with the perfect festival based on their listening history by connecting to the user's preferred streaming service, such as Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Music. Groove also offers advanced searching options based on criteria such as location, genre and age.


The objective was to create a bright and fun interface that would appeal to the target demographic of young, fun-loving festival-goers while maintaining a sense of maturity.

The primary brand colours consist of a warm yellow, black and white, and the secondary colours include lavender, aqua and light pink.

The name Groove was inspired by both the grooves found on vinyl records and the demographic's favorite passtime, dancing!

Logo, App Icon and Image Assets

Colour Palette